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Descriptions and Stories from the walks of of the Namadgi National Park and surrounds through stories from walking the many tracks. 


Welcome to The Walk ACT, a website dedicated to bush walking! My love of bush walking, photography and film making, led me to the development of this site five years ago. What started as a place to share photos and stories, has steadily grown into a large catalogue of walks and journeys.


The website is dedicated to providing enough detail to hopefully encourage others to venture out and explore our wonderful and unique native landscape. The articles are not just about walks in Namadgi, but also cover the walks throughout Australia and occasionally, from overseas locations.  


It's been a very tough couple of years for bush walkers. First the devastating effects of the drought resulting in heartbreaking environmental impacts on landscape, flora and fauna: then, the extremely destructive bush fires, which have seen many National Parks remain closed to this day due to the dangers of unstable trees and unsafe tracks. Now, in the current COVID climate - and the associated 'lock downs' - things are pretty bleak for the bush walking community


But, there will be a time once again, when we can venture into the great outdoors and explore the many trails and routes that beckon to us all. Until then, enjoy the site and I hope to see you on one of my walks (eventually).



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New Walks & Coming Soon

Southern Border Walk


A walk from Mt Clear Campground to the southern border and then onto Settlers Track. 

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Mt Namadgi

One of the tougher walks in Namadgi, but the reward of spectacular views well worth it.

Naas Valley Walk

22 kilometre walk through the beautiful grasslands of Naas Valley, visiting the ruins of Boboyan and Lone Pine Homesteads as well as Lutons Shed. 

Nursury Creek Swamp

Soon to be published.

A steep climb from Orroral Valley, but once at the top, you're greeted by a sweeping valley, teeming with wildlife and indigenous history.

Great Ocean Walk

Soon to be published.

The iconic 105km walk along the coastline of southern Victoria, finishing at the spectacular Apostles. 

Baark Sandstone Walk NT

A hot, tough, but very rewarding walk. Spectacular views and some of the best Aboriginal rock art is your as your reward. 

Latest News & Upcoming Walks


Equipment Review

Soon to be published. Sick of paying big bucks for equipment that doesn't meet expectations? Me too! We've been hard at it, reviewing everything from walking poles to boots. Learn what's the best and what's not so good. 

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We're filming a documentary about the people who use Namadgi National Park. Unfortunately filming has been suspended due to the current COVID siuation and the park being closed after the bush fires. Filming will resume as soon as we can get out and about again!


Helpful Hints

Inexperienced at bush walking? Perhaps want to learn a bit more more? We provide some helpful information on preparation, what you should take as well as helpful advice on how to achieve your walking goal.  

Coming Soon

Bush Craft

Coming soon. An advice page on what is known as 'bushcraft', providing some simple to follow information aimed at helping keep you safe in the bush. Coming Soon. 



Need more information? Follow the satellite tracking to gain insight into the topographical features and navigation points.

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