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About 'TheWalkACT'

Despite what most Australians think of Canberra, the fact is that most do not know about, or fully appreciate, the ACT's magnificent national parks and mountainous sub-alpine and alpine areas.

'The Walk' is a collection of our walks. I try to share our experiences in this website and do my very best to provide interesting narrative and photos aimed at capturing the spectacular views on offer.

I've been walking the Namadgi National Park and surrounding region for over 30 years and my website started through a love of bringing to others, the photographs and stories about the walks I've done. I try to keep up, but generally have a backlog of articles that I'm writing for publication at any one time!

Recently, I've taken a step towards filming and in 2018, I'll bring you a series of mini-documentaries about the walks throughout the local region. We are currently filming a major documentary - Finding the Namadgi Trail. 

I enjoy the walks, particularly the peace and serenity, and many of the views I experience are simply breathtaking, and sometimes difficult to capture through photography. The wildlife in our region is so spectacular, and a lot of the birdlife you don't normally see in the suburban areas of Canberra. 

I hope you enjoy our walks. Please feel free to contribute any of your own stories or photos. There's a members forum that you can join for this purpose. It also brings you the latest walking news. 


Enjoy you walk! 


Steve Cooke (Cookie)

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