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April 2014


This is a tough walk but so beautiful, with such magnificant views at the top.


Walk Rating: This is 4 kilometres of steep ascent. The walk is difficult and I would advise having a good level of fitness. There are also a large number of steps. I would also only attempt this walk in the warmer months unless you are properly and adequately prepared.


Directions: Thredbo is located in the Kosciusko National Park to the south of Jindabyne. Once at the village, there are ample information signs showing the different walks. If you follow the below link, it will take you to the walking trails map provided by Thredbo. Thredbo is about 2 hours 20 minutes from Canberra.


The Walk

This is a tough walk but not too bad if you have a reasonable level of fitness. It took about 1.5hrs to the top, but we stopped to enjoy the fantastic views on the way up.

The walk provides you with a contrast of landscapes, with the initial bottom section being heavily wooded with flowing and pristine streams (Image 3). The track is well maintained and on the way up there are a number of very well-placed seats and picnic tables. One of the tables is about halfway up the climb, so if you didn't want to go all the way to the top, you could stop here. The views are great and the wooded surrounds very relaxing.

As you get higher, the trees start to thin, and you have to climb a number of flights of stairs. Towards the top, you begin to come out into the clearing and for the first time get an appreciation of the altitude and the views on offer (Image 2).

After negotiating a final rocky section, you reach the top, where the main Thredbo chair-lift ends. There is also a cafe/restaurant here (Eagles Nest Restaurant) but it wasn't open the day we walked up.

Take the time to absorb the views (Image 1). They are sweeping and it truly does feel as though you are on top of Australia. If you are up to it, I would really recommend this walk and, if you can convince your kids to go along, they will be rewarded at the top (they stop whingeing at about the halfway mark on the way up!). When we reached the top the weather changed and the wind was very strong. My son found it amusing that he could lean 'against' the wind without falling over (Image 4). 

In summary, a tough but rewarding walk and the views are so good that I found I had to drag myself away for the return journey. I should add that the return journey was a lot easier then he walk up!   


Merritts Nature Trail, Thredbo NSW


Image 3 - One of the gently flowing pritstine streams you encounter on the walk.


Image 1 - The view from the top looking east.


Image 2 - The view from the top looking north over some of the ski-runs.

Image 4 - The strong winds at the top that can feel like you're being blown off the mountain.

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