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Supporters of the Documentary

Mountain Designs exists to equip and inspire you to do what you love – from climbing the highest peak, to travelling the world, camping with friends, exploring the outdoors and staying fit. Clothing and equipment bearing the Mountain Designs logo represents quality, innovation, functionality and fun!

In 1975 Rick White, a young Australian climber and adventurer, launched Mountain Designs to meet the needs of the burgeoning mountaineering community. His passion and talent for providing high quality goods could only be matched by his appetite for adventure. Forty years later, Rick’s legacy of innovation and cutting edge design is still deeply imbedded in everything we do.


Wherever you want to go — from the moment you step out of the front door, to the top of the mountain — let Mountain Designs help you get there in comfort and style. Explore, see the world, embrace adventure and live life.

'Equipment is such a vital part of bushwalking, and particularly for those walks that take you into remote areas where you need to camp for the night. If you don't get it right, you can be very uncomfortable or even worse. I have always found the staff at Mountain Designs very knowledgable, and their advice relating to what is the best gear for the different environments I experience is always spot on'. Stephen Cooke, Writer and Producer

Mountain Designs have generously provided the necessary equipment in support of this project.

For further information about Mountain Designs and their products, please click on the pictures for a link to their website. 


Please support those who have supported this project! 

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