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The People Behind the Making of the Documentary

Producer and Director

Name: Lachlan Parker

Age: 21

Lachlan grew up in Canberra and has always had a passion for production and film making. In 2014, he commenced his studies at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, and graduated in 2016, returning to Canberra to seek employment opportunities in the industry he loves.

The idea for a documentary was first posed to Lachlan when he was in his last year of University. Now that he has graduated, the project is underway.

"You either have a lot of money behind you to start with, or you have very little, and rely on the good-will of people to contribute to making a production a reality. We are going to be relying on the generosity of other people and I don’t want that to go unrewarded. I want them to see their own work reflected on screen. I encourage  people to contribute their ideas to the production; I want the final product to showcase a community input."

Lachlan hopes that the production provides opportunities for all the young people involved and is excited about the production and the way in which he has freedom to shape the outcome.

"There are fabulous people to meet and engaging stories to be told.. I see this is an opportunity to share Australian stories with people. I have to remind myself sometimes that these stories actually happened here in the ACT."


When asked about his own hopes for the future of the documentary, Lachlan highlighted what was important to him as the Director Producer.

"Firstly, I want a quality production. At the moment, I'm very happy that I'm able to put what I've learnt into practice. Looking further ahead, I consider that entering the finished product into specific film festivals will be an ultimate goal. Who knows where this will lead!"  



Award winning, international touring duo Guyy & The Fox have been mesmerising thousands at festivals and shows across the Middle East, South Africa and Australia. Their distinctive, energetic and spellbinding music has captivated audiences in every setting, from festival headlines to intimate shows. Notable performances include Woodford Folk Festival, headlining at the White Mountain Festival in South Africa, The National Folk Festival and touring in the Middle East.

 In 2016 the duo released their debut self-titled album – capturing the energy and flare of their live show as well as demonstrating their eclectic song writing style, moving from Folk-Rock to huge instrumental pieces to haunting ballads.

Click on the link to hear the documentary theme song

Their engaging style of music will provide a perfect backdrop for the documentary series, whilst creating a unique ambience to the different settings in the production.

For further information about Guyy and The Fox, please click on the pictures for a link to their website. 


Please support those who have supported this project! 

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Documentary Writer and Presenter

Name: Stephen Cooke

Age: 53


Steve is a local, married with three children. Over the past 35 years, he has spent a lot of time bushwalking, particularly throughout the Namadgi National Park, a pastime that is shared by his wife Nerida.


He has a keen interest is in promoting the local Canberra area, and  believes that Namadgi offers some of the most magnificent views in Australia. His focus in recent times has been in establishing an iconic walk, right here in Namadgi, something that would rival those offered elsewhere in the country. He has a keen interest in the Aboriginal history and often comments:

“Walking through Namadgi is like walking in the footsteps of the ancient Aboriginal people, I feel it all around me”.


The idea for a documentary came about a year ago, and started with a desire to create an opportunity for young people starting out in the film industry, whilst also the potential to raise money to assist ACT parks and Conservation in the upkeep and maintenance of walking trails.

His interest in creating a documentary comes from his desire to share the stories of people who have contributed in such a marked way, to the cultural, historical and environmental preservation of Namadgi.

“When I’m out walking, we come across other walkers, and they have such fabulous stories to tell about their adventures and links to the history of the area.”


On a personal level, his interest in the documentary was further fuelled when his good friend’s son, who had just completed his degree in film making, arrived back in Canberra from university and began looking for work. He thought this was a great opportunity for him (and some of his university mates) to produce a documentary that will perhaps get them noticed in the industry.

“This really is a production that is fuelled by the energy and passion of young people just starting out in life, and looking to establish themselves. They have such tremendous creativity and vision.”


There is still a long way to go to achieve the dream of creating the documentary series, but everyday is a step closer. This is a not for profit project as any profits generated, will be channeled back to ACT parks and Conservation to assist them in maintaining walking tracks, and hopefully, establishing Steve’s dream of an iconic walk through Namadgi National Park.

“There has been enormous good will from people in wanting to be involved in this project. We have such talented locals and their generosity has blown me away. “


“To quote the Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tsu: The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. I think this resonates with everyone involved.”

Camera and Sound

Name: Erin Hyde

Age: 19


Erin was born and bred in Canberra, and started off her passion for film in the photography field, when she purchased her first camera when she was 12. From there, she was inspired by nature and wildlife photography, with a keen interest in National Geographic. After a few years of study in school, her interests started to change from photos to film, and she has not thought of doing anything else, then being a cinematographer. Erin has studied photography since 2013, and in 2017, she commenced her study at CIT. Erin was overwhelmingly excited to join this project, hoping to gain a lot of experience in the field, along with making some new friends.


“I am so excited to be apart of such a special project so early in my career, I really didn’t think I’d be afforded an opportunity like this in Canberra, given that Canberra really doesn’t have many major projects filmed here that often.”

Logistics and Mangement Support

Name: Darryl Parker

Age: 62

Darryl is a long term Canberra resident, married with four children. He is also passionate about the local area and loves to bushwalk. In 2007, he received the Canberra Gold Award, an award introduced to recognise the commitment of long term Canberra residents over a 50 plus year period.

Darryl jumped at the chance to be involved in the documentary and is also very passionate in his desire to share the stories of those who have made the Namadgi area what it is today. Darryl would also like to see more walking trails developed to encourage people to come and explore the magnififcence of Namadgi National Park.

"There are some wonderful walks that you can do now. But the area offers so much more and the idea of having an iconic walk that takes in most of the National Park is something that I think has merit."

Darryl's role will be to provide the logistical support and to assist with the management aspects of the documentary. It seems like a thankless role as everything will be behind the scenes, but it is one that Darryl relishes.

"Everyone has a role to play and all are just as important. For me, being involved in something I think is pretty special, it's exciting, and I believe will be rewarding. Plus, I get to spend time outdoors in the beautiful Namadgi region." 

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