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Coppermine Falls, Newfoundland

Image 1 - The beautiful Coppermine Falls

The Walk: Sometimes shorter walks can be just as impressive as longer walks, in terms of the beauty of the natural environment and the destination. This is one of those walks. Newfoundland has got to be one of the best kept secrets for Australians. As a keen bushwalker, no matter where you go, there is something to see or somewhere to go.


Driving around Newfoundland, there are a multitude of walking tracks that beckon you to the side of the roads. Some are lengthy and require significant effort, but many are short and very suitable for families.


After finding the turn-off from Main Road to the Coppermine carpark, there are a couple of signs that provide a little information about the destination. Being with a couple of locals, we were informed that the area was aptly named after an old coppermine, no longer in use.

One thing that I admired in Newfoundland, was the unique signage. Not content with your run-of-the-mill information board, this walk preferred a hand painted panorama of the destination (Images 2 and 3) 

Image 2 (above) - an information board providing little in the way of information and Image 3 (below) a superbly done hand painted image of the falls.

A short walk through beautiful forrest, leading to a spectacular waterfall which flows all year round (Image 1).

Walk Rating: Easy. From the carpark to the waterfall is only about 600 metres on a mainly flat trail, although there are a few stairs.


Directions: From Cornerbrook, head westerly for 33 kilometres along Main Road towards York Harbour. After 33 kilometres there is a turnoff on the left, where there is a carpark, which is next to the start of the walk. The carpark is signposted, but best keep a watchful eye out as it is easy to miss. See below map for details.


We commenced the walk, plunging into a deep green forrest (Image 4). So unlike the brown and often stark environment of Australia. The walk to the falls is on a well constructed and maintained walking track and it is easy to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Along the track, you can hear the stream rushing by, off to your right, and it is not long before you start to get glimpses of the pristine water flowing by.

After navigating a couple of small flights of stairs, the falls come into sight and they are truly impressive. The water flows at a fast rate, and if you are in a photographic mood, you can step across the river rocks to get a close vantage to the falls and a nice photo.


It is easy to sit and pass the time, watching the water fall from high above, into the deep blue of the pond that has developed below, before it continues its journey downstream and eventually into the ocean. 


We did eventually manage to pull ourselves away, and we returned to the car feeling surprisingly refreshed after such a short walk. Make sure you take your camera for this walk! Short enough to keep the kids interested. 

Image 4 - A well constructed and maintained walking track leading to the falls.

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