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June 2015


Hospital Creek Hut sits in the shadows of the aptly named Hopsital Hill. Once you see the hill you'll understand the name.


Walk rating: Easy to Medium fitness levels. This is very similar to the walk described in the Gallipolli Flat blog, but not as far of course. There are a couple of steepish uphill sections, so if you're not overly fit please take it easy. A great day trip ACT bushwalk.


Directions: Start at the Yankee Hat carpark. Directions to the carpark the same as the directions described in the Gallipolli Flat and Frank & Jacks Hut blogs.  


The Walk

From the carpark go through the gate at the south-west side and there is a well-defined four-wheel drive access road. Follow the track and go past the intersecting road that takes you to Frank & Jacks Hut (2.2 kilometres from carpark).


Continue along the track until you see a small sign on the left side. Keep a close eye out for the sign as it is easy to miss. The sign is 4.17 kilometres from the Yankee Hat carpark and is situated on the left, at a sharp right-hand bend in the track. Turn to the left and take the track to the hut, which is about 300 to 400 metres down-hill from the Old Boboyan Road.


At the bottom of the hill the hut will come into view (Image 1). It is nestled in an open grassland area, surrounded by the beautiful mountains and prolific gum trees which are teeming with birdlife. If you look to the east you will see Hospital Hill (1400 metres), and the next high point to the south-east is Mount Boboyan (1459 metres). They are both majestic high points.


The hut itself is a corrugated iron structure with basic amenities, but nevertheless is a pleasant part of Namadgi and provides a welcome respite if you are looking for a warm fire or just some shelter from the weather (Image 2).


The hut has a dirt floor and some basic seating as well as a table (Image 3). What more could you ask for!  


This is a great walk if you've got some kids that you would like to take bushwalking. The walk is achievable and the hut will provide interest for the kids. The entire walk is 8.34 kilometres return.


Caution: If you intend camping or staying at the hut in warmer, wetter weather, beware the mosquitos! 



There is a lot of recorded history by googling the hut, but I found the best historical overview on the website of the Kosciusko Huts Association. The following is taken from the site, which can be found at:



Hospital Creek is built from bush poles and second hand sawn timber, covered with corrugated iron. The floor is dirt that has been stabilised with a little cement. The external chimney is also corrugated iron.


Brief History

The hut was built by Frank, Jack and Les Oldfield in 1966 to support grazing. It replaced Franks hut, which was resumed for the establishment of the pine plantation. It is basic and spartan but in a very serene spot.


Originally part of the Oldfields Dry Creek Lease, it was resumed in 1979, when the land became part of the Gudgenby Nature Reserve. Some special features, such as the original keor fridge, remain.






Hospital Creek Hut, Old Bobeyan Road

Old Bobeyan Road

Image 1 - Hospital Creek Hut as you approach from Old Boboyan Road turnoff.

Old Bobeyan Road

Image 2 - Front of the Hospital Creek Hut

Old Bobeyan Road

Image 3 - Inside view of the Hospitasl Creek Hut

Level 3.png

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