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Documentary Series - Finding the Namadgi Trail

The documentary will follow the 300 kilometre solo walk through the Namadgi National Park, on a walk dubbed 'Finding the Namadgi Trail'. We'll explore the history of the area, from ancient aboriginal past to present, the impact and contribution of early settlers, and we'll meet the people who have contributed to the rich history of the mountains, those who have found their own Namadgi Trail.

The project is not for profit, with any money made donated to ACT parks and Conservation to assist in the upkeep and maintenance of walking trails. Young people starting out in the industry will be behind the production and filming. 

As a not for profit production, the project is supported by the goodwill of the community and we thank Guyy and the Fox for generously allowing the use of their unique brand of music, a style that will create the atmosphere and musical back-drop that the production team are after. To purchase their music, please click on the link to the right.

We are also very pleased to have Mountain Designs supporting the project. Mountain Designs are famous for their expertise in providing quality equipment and advice to those venturing out into the great outdoors. To see their range of clothing and equipment, click on the link to the right.

Please support those that have supported this project! 

 "You either have a lot of money behind you to start with, or you have very little, and rely on the good-will of people to contribute to making a production a reality. We are going to be relying on the generosity of other people and I don’t want that to go unrewarded. I want them to see their own work reflected on screen. I encourage  people to contribute their ideas to the production; I want the final product to showcase a community input." Lachlan Parker, Director. 


Every couple of weeks, we release a short preview of the upcoming documentary. It's a great way to begin meeting the people that we'll feature. Here's the latest releases.

Preview 3 - JohnnyBoy - Walking Namadgi

Preview 2 - Cheryl Hodges - Botanical Artist

Preview 1- Mt Franklin & Liss Kamp - Bird Artist


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