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Governors Stairway - Lark Harbour, Newfoundland

Image 1 - View to the west from the Governors Stairway lookout. 

July 2017

A little further on from Coppermine Falls is the Blow Me Down Provincial Park near Lark Harbour. There are a number of different walks in this vicinity, with the Governors Staircase just one of these. It leads to an elevated viewing platform with wonderful views to the west (Image 1). 

The Walk: Easy. Medium. A relatively short walk of over one kilometres return, but the walk to the top is all stairs.

Directions: From Cornerbrook, head westerly along Main Road for 47 kilometres towards Lark Harbour (Map - Image 2). After 47 kilometres there is a turnoff on the right, where you go through a Park Ranger booth. The day we went in, we didn't have to pay but generally there is a small fee associated with entry into the Provincial Park. Continue along the dirt road and you will come to a carpark near the Governors Stairway, which is also located right on the beach.

The Walk: After parking in the carpark adjacent to the beach, we grabbed our gear and headed off. You follow the signs along the beach, which point you to a rocky outcrop and the start of the Governors Staircase walk. It is a bit confusing at first, as you seem to be headed to the rocky point and into the water, but as you get closer and peer around the first outcrop, you see the staircase neatly tucked away under the overhang (Images 3 and 4).  

Image 2 - About an hours (47 kilometres) drive from Cornerbrook 

Image 3 (above left) - Heading towards the rocky outcrop, it is hard to see how we actually get onto the stairs, but as Image 4 (above right) shows you, it's ticked neatly behind the overhang.

Once you're on the stairs, you commence your climb on the eastern side of the rise (Image 5). Yass through a peaceful forrest and there are a couple of spots where you can sit and enjoy the views to the east. 

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