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Protection of Brumbies - A Curse for the Environment?

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Balancing cultural history and the environment has always been a tricky business. Never has an issue stirred such polar opposite views as the decision in 2018 to declare the wild brumbies in Kosciuzko National Park a protected species.

Whilst the weight of science on the environmental damage and impacts is quite overwhelming, there is still a portion of the community who support the change made by the NSW Government. But this is an issue that has no borders, and brumbies that travel into the ACT (where they are not protected), face immediate culling. The sub-alpine areas to the south, south west of Canberra are extremely sensitive eco-systems and it is the potential for irreparable damage that is causing concern.

Click hear for a recent Canberra Times articles and hear from ACT Parks and Conservation Manager, Brett McNamara.

Very interested in peoples views on this issue.

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