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The 25 Best Walks in the ACT

I've often picked up a book that describes the best walks in a certain district and wondered how these walks were identified and actually classified as the 'best walks'. After all, it's so subjective!

The idea for a book about ACT's best walks is nothing new, but I really wanted to be able to publish a book about the best walks based on the input of the website readers (who are obviously keen walkers). Just to ensure I've got further expert input, I have a couple of other well known local bush walkers who will also contribute their ideas.

Being the administrator of the website, it's very interesting to see what the most popular walks are based on page clicks. I have to say, the most popular walks are not what I thought they would be! Apart from Honeysuckle to Legoland (which continues to be the most popular by a long way) the other walks change in pecking order from month to month. However, these are only page clicks and I wonder if the statistics do actually reflect the most popular walks.

So, here's my ten walks (out of the 25) that I think should be featured in the book:

1. Mt Gingera (from Corin Dam)

2. Granite Tors, Orroral Valley

3. Yankee Hat (Aboriginal Rock Art)

4. Brandy Flat Hut

5. Settlers Track

6. Mt Namadgi

7. Mt Tidbinbilla

8. Gibraltor Peak

9. Booroomba Rocks

10. Horse Gully Hut

Here's the 10 most popular website walks (based on page clicks):

1. Honeysuckle to Legland

2. Mt Gingera and Pryors Hut

3. Square Rock and Smokers Trail

4. Mt Taylor

5. Honeysuckle to Booroomba Rocks

6. Yankee Hat

7. Stockyard Spur to Mt Gingera

8. Settlers Track

9. Bendora Arboretum

10. Mt Franklin

I'm no looking for your input! Let me know what you think about these lists and nominate a walk that you think should appear in the book. If your walk appears in the book, I'll send you a copy once it's published.

You're probably wondering what will happen to profits from the book and this is a good question. Any profits will be donated back to Namadgi National Park (for the upkeep of walking tracks and the preservation of significant sites as well as portion to the ACT Conservation Council.

I look forward to seeing your responses!

On top of Mt Gingera. A personal favourite of mine.

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Thanks Phillip. That is indeed a great walk and yes, I also consider it a local walk. I'm not surprised that it's the first suggestion to come forward!



For your list of 25 of the ACT's best walks I'd like to suggest one that a purist might say is not an ACT walk but in my view certainly is.

Many times as I have driven over Commonwealth Bridge in the winter it has been possible to look out and see the white top of Mount Bimberi on the skyline.

The first time I ever did this was in scouts and that was from the east side. This walk is an overnight proposition.

My preferred approach these days is from the west and I consider it a terrific day walk. It has brumbies and snow plains on the drive in to the loved gate at Pockets, a traditional mountain…


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